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Tips in Selecting Golfing Attire for Ladies

Dressing for golf is a bit more restrictive compared to other sports. But this should not discourage lady golfers from dressing fashionably on the golf course. Canoa Resort welcomes many women golfers each year and some of them are confused when it comes to combining fashion and function in golf wear.

Here are some tips to make sure the ladies will look smashing but comfortable at our Arizona golf resort:

How to Keep Fresh on Your Golf Vacation

Spending Valentine’s Day at Canoa Ranch is really something to look forward to. Having a golf holiday with your special someone in a hotel resort in Arizona is a fun alternative to the usual dinner date. And why not? Couples who share activities like golf are more likely to stay together. Participating in sports as a couple increases your bond and deepens your relationship. But you must be thinking, does spending the whole day under the sun and most likely sweating spell romance?

Here are some tips to help keep you looking fresh and fabulous on your golf vacation:


Fashion Guide for Your Golf Vacation

Being able to experiment with golfing attire is another reason why playing golf is exciting. Golf superstars like Tigers Woods are admired not just because of their skills, but because of how they dress on the green. Golfers always wear classy and smart outfits on the course. While you need to comply with the golf club’s dress code, there are many ways to express your own style. When you come visit us for your Arizona golf vacation, take the excitement up a notch by looking good while playing golf.

Here are some golfing fashion tips: