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Canoa Ranch Golf Course

As one of the leading golf vacation destinations in Arizona, Canoa Ranch boasts of two championship golf courses. Our guests can quench their thirst for golf either at Canoa Ranch Golf Course or at Torres Blancas Golf Club. Both are beautifully designed and will surely impress golfers of all levels. To give you more information about the golf courses, we are putting the spotlight on the Canoa Ranch Golf Course.

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Top Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Canoa Ranch

The holidays are coming up. How is your Christmas shopping list coming along? Have you planned the dinner menu yet? Have you put up the decorations? Have you sent out the greeting cards? With all these things to think about, it can get pretty overwhelming. So much so that sometimes, the holidays does not seem like a holiday at all.

Why don’t you take a break from all that stress and have a real holiday here at Canoa Ranch? We can promise you the best Christmas vacation that Arizona has to offer. Need more convincing? Here are the top reasons on why you should spend your vacation at Canoa Ranch

Outdoor Activities in Green Valley

If you are an outdoor lover, you will definitely love spending holidays in Green Valley, Arizona. With scenic natural attractions and thrilling outdoor activities, your days will be filled with excitement and fun. Enjoy the great outdoors with your family. The activities can be enjoyed by everyone—from kids, adults and even the elderly—so there’s definitely enough for every member of the family. As one of the finest hotel resorts in Arizona, Canoa Ranch Resort can be your family’s home during your vacation.

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