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Mix Romance and Golf Canoa Ranch

There was a time when golf was considered one of the least romantic activities in the world. But as more and more couples play golf together, spending time on the green is now considered as an ideal couple time. That’s why Arizona golf resorts like Canoa Ranch offer amenities that couples will enjoy.

This February, it’s time to put in the extra effort to make your special someone feel your love and appreciation. Valentine’s Day should not be about giving the most expensive gifts. It should be about spending quality time with your partner doing the things you both love. To help you out, Canoa Ranch offers special packages for a romantic getaway for you and your honey.

Here are our Resort and Spa Packages that can let you indulge in golf and romance with your loved one:

Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

Golf is a universal game that can be played by all. However, only ten percent of golfers are left-handed. They are a minority and most of the time, they experience difficulties that right-handed golfers never go through. But if you are left-handed and you love playing golf, such difficulties should not stop you from enjoying the sport and booking that golf package in Arizona.


So for all lefty golfers out there, here are some tips to help you improve your game:


Playing Golf During Winter

Golf resorts in Arizona are great no matter what the season is. This is one of the reasons why our golf packages are popular all year round. However, winter golf travelers must remember that playing golf during winter can be a bit more challenging. At this time of the year, playing golf becomes a whole new adventure.

To help you prepare and make the most out of your golf vacation, here are some tips for playing golf during the cold months:


Develop a Good Golf Practice Routine

Routines keep things in order and golf is no exception. A good golf practice routine helps you save time and effort when you do your golf rounds. It also puts structure into your practice drills, making it easier for you to track progress and develop consistency.

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Weight Training for Golf

Weight training and golf are two terms that are seldom used in the same sentence. It must be because no matter what size you are, you can still play the wonderful game of golf. A lot of golfers also avoid the gym because they think that gaining muscles will ruin their swing. That is a big misconception. Weight training for golf is different from the kind of training done for football or basketball. It would not cause you to bulk up, because it does not just focus on one body part. Instead, it works out the entire body, so you can improve your swing.


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