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How to Keep Fresh on Your Golf Vacation

Spending Valentine’s Day at Canoa Ranch is really something to look forward to. Having a golf holiday with your special someone in a hotel resort in Arizona is a fun alternative to the usual dinner date. And why not? Couples who share activities like golf are more likely to stay together. Participating in sports as a couple increases your bond and deepens your relationship. But you must be thinking, does spending the whole day under the sun and most likely sweating spell romance?

Here are some tips to help keep you looking fresh and fabulous on your golf vacation:



Prepare for Bad Weather: How to Enjoy Golf in the Rain

Arizona weather is perfect for golfing. It’s mostly sunny all year round, but we do get our share of rain. So do not let the rain ruin your stay in our hotel resort in Arizona. You can still enjoy your golf vacation even if it is raining. You just have to be prepared. A lot of golfers do not prepare for the rain and just opt to cancel their reservation or worse, play on without any protection at all. Playing golf is always full of challenges and playing in the rain is just another opportunity to improve your skills and to learn how to adapt to different situations.

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Exquisite Dining At Green Valley

One of things that excite us while on a vacation is the sumptuous food we encounter. In Arizona, you can never go wrong when it comes to food. With their rich and flavorful all-American dishes, you’re in for a mouthwatering experience the minute you step into restaurants and hotels in Green Valley, Arizona.


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