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Health Benefits from Golf Travel

Golf travel is more than just a luxury. It can be very beneficial to your health as well. Sickness and ailments follow retirees like a shadow, but you can avoid most health nuisance by keeping an active lifestyle. At this age, golfing is the perfect way to keep active. It is a low-impact sport that suits the senior citizens’ mellow spirit. And if you combine golf with travel, then you definitely have a winning combination that can improve your mind, body and spirit.

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Develop a Good Golf Practice Routine

Routines keep things in order and golf is no exception. A good golf practice routine helps you save time and effort when you do your golf rounds. It also puts structure into your practice drills, making it easier for you to track progress and develop consistency.

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Weight Training for Golf

Weight training and golf are two terms that are seldom used in the same sentence. It must be because no matter what size you are, you can still play the wonderful game of golf. A lot of golfers also avoid the gym because they think that gaining muscles will ruin their swing. That is a big misconception. Weight training for golf is different from the kind of training done for football or basketball. It would not cause you to bulk up, because it does not just focus on one body part. Instead, it works out the entire body, so you can improve your swing.


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Golf Psychology: Using Your Mind to Improve Your Game

Golf is not just a physical sport. It is also a mental game. We all know that our golfing champions are good, but sometimes what gives them an edge over their competitors is their mental toughness.

During your golf vacation, why not work on your mental skills while improving your swing? Developing a strong golfing mindset will definitely give you an advantage and help you achieve your goals. Among other benefits, it can help you focus on the game and control your emotions while playing. When you come to Canoa Ranch, you can work on improving your mental game while enjoying the beautiful vista of golf courses in Green Valley.


Here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

Fashion Guide for Your Golf Vacation

Being able to experiment with golfing attire is another reason why playing golf is exciting. Golf superstars like Tigers Woods are admired not just because of their skills, but because of how they dress on the green. Golfers always wear classy and smart outfits on the course. While you need to comply with the golf club’s dress code, there are many ways to express your own style. When you come visit us for your Arizona golf vacation, take the excitement up a notch by looking good while playing golf.

Here are some golfing fashion tips:

Wonderful Wyndham Wednesdays!

Canoa Ranch is always bustling with fun and excitement. To give our guests a truly enjoyable stay during their golf vacation in Arizona, we hold regular events at the resort.

Feel the warmth of Arizona’s hospitality and join us for a lively barbecue at the poolside on Wyndham Wednesdays. Take a dip at the resort’s heated pool, enjoy good company, and socialize with your fellow golf enthusiasts. Pick up golf tips and exchange golf vacation stories. Our guests typically come from different parts of the United States and Canada.

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Golf Vacation Must Haves

You must be very excited about your upcoming golf vacation in Arizona. We hope that you availed of the golf packages that Canoa Ranch offers so you can get the best deal for your golf vacation.

To help you plan for your getaway, here’s a list of some essential things you should bring when you play golf here in Green Valley:

Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

A golfer with a well-conditioned body has better chances of improving his game and avoiding injuries. Golf may look like a very relaxing sport, but perfecting the golf swing takes a toll on our muscles.

To help you improve your game as you spend your golf vacation in Arizona, why not try these exercise routines:

Most Common Golfing Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Mistakes are very common in any sport. Even in the best golf courses in Green Valley, we see golfers of different expertise levels make mistakes all the time.

Here are the most common golfing mistakes and tips on how to correct them: